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prmrbmbzl's Journal

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chillin' with pmore @ bamboozle 08!
This community is focusing directly on Paramore's appearance on the 2008 Bamboozle Festival. Our objective is for all members on paramoremusic lj that are going to the Bamboozle Festival to have the opportunity to meet up on the Saturday (May 3rd) date so that we can watch Paramore as a 'family'. The thought is that it might be cool to meet up with the kids we've been talkin' to for years on paramoremusic and to connect with each other as we watch Paramore. In addition, Paramore usually has a meet and greet at the festival. The hope is that we can all meet up to go to this too (if they have it.)

further/more details will be posted as the Festival approaches
only join this community if you have the intention of meeting up with everyone.
it's gonna be a good time, so let's go!

get in touch with Danyell
aim: danyellxiv
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e-mail: danyellxiv@aim.com

get in touch with Sara
aim: obviouslysara
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e-mail: killthelights115@aol.com